Yes, We (Still) Can

BY GABRIELLE HUGHES Four years ago, I stood among an enthusiastic crowd in Chicago’s Grant Park, as Barack Obama was announced the winner of the 2008 presidential election. With palpable change on the horizon, the one-term senator from Illinois took stage to advocate hope, and inspire his hundreds of thousands of spectators. Four years later,… Continue reading Yes, We (Still) Can

Welcome to the Spirit NOW!

A SPECIAL NOTICE FROM ROSEANGELA FRACCHIOLLA, PRESIDENT OF THE SPIRIT ’12-’13 Welcome to The Spirit NOW!, the new online face of the Spirit. In the wake of the popularity of blogging, Tumbling, and just about every new-media program, the Spirit staff has decided to go virile and give our readers instant reaction stories that affect our school, our community, and… Continue reading Welcome to the Spirit NOW!