What’s Inside McEntegart Library (Updated)

By Arianna Cardinale The McEntegart Library is the one of the main places on the Brooklyn campus students gather between classes. Yet beyond just laptops, DVD’s and books to check out, the library has a wealth of other resources available.   In addition to a wide range of research databases, there are magazines and educational… Continue reading What’s Inside McEntegart Library (Updated)

SGA: President

By: Urwah Ahmad Next year’s Student Government President will be Michele Cipriano! Michele is majoring in History-Adolescent Education. She commits her time and effort to an array of organizations. “At my parish, St. Patrick’s, I am employed for two jobs. The first is in the parish rectory in which I am a receptionist. At church… Continue reading SGA: President

SGA: Treasurer

By: Urwah Ahmad Currently, Felipe Rocha is a junior majoring in business administration. Working toward a concentration in Finance and a minor in Marketing, Felipe will be the Student Government Association’s Treasurer next year. Felipe has a lot of experience which will help him in his future position as Treasurer, holding the position of President… Continue reading SGA: Treasurer

Essena O’Neill: Voice of The Social Media Hoax

  By Daniela Cardinale   As an avid Tumblr and YouTube user myself, it is hard not to notice how social media sites focus on promoting certain images, or even an aesthetic, that the most popular users rely on to gain and increase their number of followers. Many have become convinced that they must follow… Continue reading Essena O’Neill: Voice of The Social Media Hoax