SGA Election Forum: SGA Presidential Hopefuls Make Their Case

By BRUNO MERISIER This past Monday saw the 2014 SGA Election Forum happen, the annual debate between the up-for-election SGA officer hopefuls. This year’s forum focused solely on the SGA presidential race, as all the other SGA positions usually up for election were awarded unanimously to the treasurer, secretary, and the vice president candidates, for… Continue reading SGA Election Forum: SGA Presidential Hopefuls Make Their Case

SGA President Profile for 2014-2015: Sabrina Gargano

By INNA KIM Sabrina Gargano may be known to many of you by her active academic life and involvement on the SJC campus. She is a Junior majoring in Psychology, and she is running for the 2014-2015 position of SGA President. Throughout her three years in St. Joseph’s College, Sabrina has been representing the student… Continue reading SGA President Profile for 2014-2015: Sabrina Gargano

SGA Secretary: Megan Wenzler

By THOMAS RUSHIN Normally when one thinks of secretaries they imagine menial work like answering phones or running off copies, but this definitely isn’t the case for our new SGA Secretary Meg Wenzler. Although Wenzler knows that the official duties of Secretary include “taking minutes of all senate meetings and sharing them with all involved… Continue reading SGA Secretary: Megan Wenzler

SGA Vice President: Fergie Cantos

By GRACE CHAMOUN Congratulations to St. Joseph’s 2014-2015 Student Government Vice President, Ms. Fergie Cantos! Fergie is a Queens native that is currently a Sophomore, double majoring in Speech Communication and Spanish. She is (take a seat, the list is long) the Campus Activities Board Off-Campus Coordinator, Poder Latino Vice President, Speech and Language Club… Continue reading SGA Vice President: Fergie Cantos

SGA Treasurer: Jean Idrovo

By ADELYN TOMLINSON As SGA revs up its engines for a new presidential election, Jean Idrovo gears up to take on the role of an efficient and punctual Treasurer. Jean is a junior majoring in Computer Information Systems. He is also the founder and president of the first national fraternity on campus, Alpha Phi Delta. His… Continue reading SGA Treasurer: Jean Idrovo