SGA: President

By: Urwah Ahmad Next year’s Student Government President will be Michele Cipriano! Michele is majoring in History-Adolescent Education. She commits her time and effort to an array of organizations. “At my parish, St. Patrick’s, I am employed for two jobs. The first is in the parish rectory in which I am a receptionist. At church… Continue reading SGA: President

SGA: Treasurer

By: Urwah Ahmad Currently, Felipe Rocha is a junior majoring in business administration. Working toward a concentration in Finance and a minor in Marketing, Felipe will be the Student Government Association’s Treasurer next year. Felipe has a lot of experience which will help him in his future position as Treasurer, holding the position of President… Continue reading SGA: Treasurer

Letter From the Editor

Hello Readers, You have probably had this happen to you once this summer. It is late at night and you’re scrolling through channels on your TV or laptop. You come across a movie that you haven’t seen before, and start watching it, say Sharknado. An hour into the movie, it’s just going downhill and you hate… Continue reading Letter From the Editor

A Letter from Dr. Jack P. Calareso, SJC President-Elect

Editor’s Note: Recently, the newly elected president of St. Joseph’s College, Dr. Jack P. Calareso, penned a letter to the college faculty and staff. Reprinted below is the text of that letter: Dear Colleagues, I am honored to be selected as the next President of St. Joseph’s College and greatly appreciate the confidence in my… Continue reading A Letter from Dr. Jack P. Calareso, SJC President-Elect

SGA Election Forum: SGA Presidential Hopefuls Make Their Case

By BRUNO MERISIER This past Monday saw the 2014 SGA Election Forum happen, the annual debate between the up-for-election SGA officer hopefuls. This year’s forum focused solely on the SGA presidential race, as all the other SGA positions usually up for election were awarded unanimously to the treasurer, secretary, and the vice president candidates, for… Continue reading SGA Election Forum: SGA Presidential Hopefuls Make Their Case

SGA President Profile for 2014-2015: Sabrina Gargano

By INNA KIM Sabrina Gargano may be known to many of you by her active academic life and involvement on the SJC campus. She is a Junior majoring in Psychology, and she is running for the 2014-2015 position of SGA President. Throughout her three years in St. Joseph’s College, Sabrina has been representing the student… Continue reading SGA President Profile for 2014-2015: Sabrina Gargano

SGA Secretary: Megan Wenzler

By THOMAS RUSHIN Normally when one thinks of secretaries they imagine menial work like answering phones or running off copies, but this definitely isn’t the case for our new SGA Secretary Meg Wenzler. Although Wenzler knows that the official duties of Secretary include “taking minutes of all senate meetings and sharing them with all involved… Continue reading SGA Secretary: Megan Wenzler