SGA Secretary Candidate: Ishika Nair

By VICTORIA BENALCAZAR Ms. Ishika Nair ’16 is currently running for the SGA position of secretary. She is a Business Administration major with a finance concentration, and she is also minoring in psychology. During her time at SJC, she has worked with Brooklyn Voices, the Orientation Core Team, and served as a student ambassador for… Continue reading SGA Secretary Candidate: Ishika Nair

SGA Secretary Candidate: Jonathan Infante

By KRISTINA HERNANDEZ To those who are not exclusively involved in Greek Life or are any other major except Criminal Justice, Jonathan may seem relatively unknown. This SGA Secretary hopeful, however, is involved in other aspects of our SJC community that may just make him the right person for the job. Jonathan is the current… Continue reading SGA Secretary Candidate: Jonathan Infante

SGA Treasurer: Thomas Straut-Collard

By MICHELLE DARRIS “Get involved in school! You need to stay active to get ahead,” says Thomas Straut-Collard, President of the Business and Investment Club. Staying true to his advocacy on school involvement, he is running for the 2015-2016 position of SGA Treasurer. Thomas is currently a SJC junior double majoring in Marketing and Economics. Believing that… Continue reading SGA Treasurer: Thomas Straut-Collard

SGA President: Fergie Cantos

By JESSICA JACOLBE You won’t be able to find her spending time on any social media apps. “I’m only on LinkedIn,” she says with a smile. Places that you can find Fergie Cantos include Tuohy Auditorium for any event happening, the bleachers of the gym cheering on the Bears, and mostly her desk in the Student Life… Continue reading SGA President: Fergie Cantos

SGA Vice President: Leticia Salazar

By URWAH AHMAD Leticia Salazar is a junior majoring in Business Administration and Management, and she is the only candidate running for the 2015-2016 SGA Vice President. Leticia has been active in various parts of the school community. She is the President of Poder Latino and Campus Activities Board on-campus coordinator. This entails planning events with… Continue reading SGA Vice President: Leticia Salazar