Professional Studies Valedictorian

By: Urwah Ahmad

The Professional Studies undergraduate Valedictorian is… Michael McGrann. He is graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) in Nursing.

Michael had previously received his Bachelor of Arts in Fine and Studio Arts from Hunter College. He then went back to school at the age of twenty five to get his Associates of Applied Science in Nursing from Phillips Beth Israel School of Nursing, where he was also part of the Honor Society. He was also accepted into the the competitive Honor Society for Nursing at St.Joseph’s.

Besides going to school he also volunteered at Project Hospitality on his own time. Michael enjoys horse racing and practices martial arts in jujitsu and Brazilian jujitsu. He was also briefly President of the BSN/Nursing club at SJC. Not to mention, Michael has already begun his first steps into his post-SJC career. He is a working at Village Care as a Registered Nurse.

Like everyone, there are many reasons behind an individual’s choice of career. Michael says that, “I wanted a career that I could be proud of, which would allow me the opportunity to learn throughout my life. I had always respected the profession; it is an honorable occupation. I had always admired the nurses’ knowledge and ability to deal with people in such adverse situations.”

In the future he says, “I want even more challenges. I want to eventually work my way and do critical care, which involves the process during care, whereas I am working in rehab as of now, which involves care after. However, for now I want to do the hospital stay and get experience in acute care and work towards getting into the  critical care department.”

He says that his St. Joseph’s education has “enriched my life and my conception of creating relationships with people.” He said that education can and should never stop, no matter what we all keep learning as we grow and go through life. “Education is a process of lifelong process, being a student and learning is a way of living, and it also one of many steps ahead of us.”

He has many paths that he is looking into but, “For now I am looking into doing graduate work, and feeling out my options, and seeing what is manageable and works for me.” He closes by imploring everyone to, “make things work for you. Everybody is their own individual. It is easy to just go along, but you should be selfish, it is good to be a little selfish.”

(Editor’s Note: The SPIRIT staff wishes all of our SJC 2016 graduates the best!)


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