SGA: Vice President

By Urwah Ahmad

Ramal Yaqoob is a junior majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. She was elected to be the Vice President of the Student Government Association.

Ramal has been extremely active on campus, participating in clubs including the Desi Student Association, of which Ramal held the role of Co-President. She has also acted as a Transfer Student Peer Mentor. “SJC 200 allowed us to help new students transition smoothly, while also encouraging them to get involved on campus, and make their college experience more worthwhile.”

One of the individuals elected as Junior Class Representatives, Ramal has been active in planning and organizing events, attending meetings and holding other responsibilities. “As Junior Representative, I became more involved in the Senate and on campus, and learned about different clubs. Now I’ll be serving as Vice President next year.”

She has also been an orientation leader helping to support the incoming students. For this role Ramal went away for the summer to build better relationships with her peers and prepare for orientation. Although Ramal has had a busy schedule, she has managed to participate in SLE, the Science Club, Dance Club, and Students for Justice in Palestine. As a member of the Dance Club, she collaborated with other students, taking out the time to practice and put on a great show for the community.

As for next semester, Ramal stated that current SGA representatives have worked hard towards “refining and implementing new policies.” The incoming SGA hope to “continue their legacy while working closely with the new CAB members to increase student involvement on campus.” Although a large number of student leaders are graduating Ramal explained, “It is important that new students come forward and fill those roles. Our job is to motivate and help the current and new students in identifying their true potentials and taking the leadership positions.”

As a transfer student at SJC, I consider myself lucky to have met the most amazing peers who always motivated me to get more involved on campus. St. Joseph’s has not only helped me to learn more about my strengths, but also helped me to identify areas of improvement.”


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