SGA: Treasurer

By: Urwah Ahmad

Currently, Felipe Rocha is a junior majoring in business administration. Working toward a concentration in Finance and a minor in Marketing, Felipe will be the Student Government Association’s Treasurer next year. Felipe has a lot of experience which will help him in his future position as Treasurer, holding the position of President for the Business and Investments Club, of which he has been a member since his sophomore year.

Despite the fact that Felipe has tried to complete the SLE program since his Sophomore year he was unfortunately unable to. However, this has not prevented him from seizing the opportunity to hold leadership positions. He applauds the program and encourages others to join.

“St. Joseph’s College has helped me become more active. Thankfully, with the help of students and friends I have surrounded myself with, I feel that being around like-minded individuals bolsters one’s motivation as one aspires to elevate in higher education.”

This is something Felipe came to realize when he participated in Alternative Spring Break where they helped to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy.“Although I went for only a day, the impact of giving back to the community has helped extend that strive to be present and involved.”

“There were circumstances in my life that made me feel I needed to be more independent, and I thought that by going to school and working, it would contribute to my success.”

When he came to discern the difference and he went from being a “student who had his priorities” to someone who wants to “get to know the wonderful students around campus, who I call upon as my friends, who supported me enough to take on the position as President of the Business Club.”

As President of the Business club, Felipe explained, “I was working toward bringing Red Bull and a faculty member to sponsor a Blackjack tournament in hopes of boosting morale on campus by advocating for student and faculty donations for a foundation I currently intern for, The Francesco Loccisano Foundation or Frankie’s Mission for short. An organization dedicated to being active, effective, and fiscally responsible that spans its assistance to families of children with cancer nationwide.”

Felipe wants to employ the same “attentive, compassionate, and dignified manner” during his newly assigned role in SGA, maybe, even go beyond.

Felipe wants to communicate with clubs and  encourage them to think creatively, stating that if additional budget funding is needed clubs are able to do this through the Budget Committee, where funds can be discussed and allocated, adding, “I am appropriately confident in doing my job diligently and with great attention to the needs of students and their ideas.

“I will dedicate my time to being present and active at the Student Life Center, and I can’t wait to get started. I’ll be in the office soon, so stop by!”


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