SGA: President

By: Urwah Ahmad

Next year’s Student Government President will be Michele Cipriano! Michele is majoring in History-Adolescent Education. She commits her time and effort to an array of organizations.

At my parish, St. Patrick’s, I am employed for two jobs. The first is in the parish rectory in which I am a receptionist. At church I am also a lector. I am a pilgrim for World Youth Day, which is an annual pilgrimage to see the pope.” She also participates in fundraisers such as Golden Gloves and wrestling events, volunteering at her parish’s basketball kitchen and snack stand.

On campus Michele is the Off-Campus Coordinator for the Campus Activities Board, the president of Student Ambassadors, and a member of the Gaelic Society, Science Club, S.T.R.I.P.E.S, and Paesanos.

“St. Joseph’s has many opportunities to become involved with or without commitment,” that in order to participate in activities, a student does not have to be a member of that club or organization, allowing them to see how the club or organization works, and if we would fit in. “This is great because it makes it easier to attend a wide array of events. By doing so I have been able to join and lead the clubs and organizations I prefer.”

As far as the future, Michele is looking forward to what is to come. “I am very excited to bring fun and excitement to SGA. While I like to be assertive, I do enjoy being slightly crazy, which makes for a fun time. I think that makes me approachable which is very important when you are a leader.”

Michele wants to help others be more active on campus, and knows that other students also have many ideas which could help.“I really want to hear from all students so that we can have a productive year with as much student involvement as possible.”

She ended by saying that “Communication is the key to success. I am an accessible person, whether it be through e-mail, phone calls, or in person. I really want to be there for anyone who needs it. I think I can speak for all of SGA when I say we value communication and working with clubs and individuals.”


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